2021 – 2022 Silver Eagles Lowest Mintage Advance Release Coins Signed by Two U.S. Mint Directors

2021 – 2022 Silver Eagles Lowest Mintage Advance Release Coins Signed by Two U.S. Mint Directors
Complete Six Coin Set of Every T1 & T2 Advance Release Silver Eagle  - Moy/Ryder Signatures 
The First Six Type 1 & Type 2 Advance Release Silver Eagles in history!
Six Extraordinary Low Mintage Coins
First Advance Release Proof Silver Eagle in History
First Advance Release San Francisco Mint Proof Coin
First Advance Release Burnished Coin
The American Silver Eagle is the most popular and widely collected pure silver coin series in the world. Here is an opportunity to acquire a complete set of the first six Advance Release certified Type 1 and Type 2 Silver Eagle coins released by the United States Mint. These unique sets span the Type 1 & Type 2 series. Each coin has an extremely low designated mintage.
The first and last coins in any coin series are eagerly sought out by collectors. This set is chock full of important key date coins certified in the best possible condition.      
Advance Release coins are the absolute first coins released from the United States Mint; each coin has a low-defined mintage. Advance Release coins are graded before other coins designated First Day of Issue were even released.
Each coin is hand signed by Edmund C. Moy & David Ryder the 38th and 39th Directors of the United States Mint
Edmund C. Moy, the 38th Director, and David J Ryder, the 39th Director of the U.S. Mint are the highest-ranking officials signing coins. They brought many exciting modern coins to the marketplace, greatly enhancing the tradition of U.S. coin collecting with their leadership of the world’s premier manufacturer of coins. Both men were named in Coin World’s Most Influential People. The Moy and Ryder signatures are the best known in all of numismatics and appear together exclusively on NGC-certified Mint Director’s Series coins. 
In 2021 during the historic transition from the iconic heraldic eagle reverse design to the new eagle landing design, all collector coins sold out within minutes of their release.

Without question, the six coins in this set are absolute rarities.  
Firsts are always highly coveted by coin collectors.
2021 West Point Mint T1 PF70 30,000 mintage
2021 West Point Mint T2 PF70 22,500 mintage
2021 San Francisco Mint T2 PF70 16,000 mintage
2022 West Point Mint PF70 30,000 mintage
2022 West Point Mint Burnished MS70 12,000 mintage
2022 San Francisco Mint PF70 15,000 mintage