68-69 AD Roman Civil War Denarius

68-69 AD Roman Civil War Denarius

68-69 AD Roman Civil War Denarius
NGC VF: Strike 4/5  Surface 2/5

15 Total Graded – 3 Graded VF – 10 Finer
Struck at the Gallic Mint, this Civil War Denarius represents one of the most tumultuous, turbulent, and outright brutal periods of history – the Roman Civil War of 68-69. The year of the 4 Emperors; the Fall of Nero, the rise and fall of Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and the final stabilizing rule of Vespasian.

This coin features Jupiter, King of the Gods and ruler of Sky and Thunder, on the obverse and on the reverse was his sibling Vesta, goddess of hearth, home, and family seated on the throne. Powerful symbolism during a time of total chaos – with uncertainty amongst provinces of Rome, they created coinage that did not depict a ruler, but instead depicted the strength of the Empire. Masterful mythology and symbolism paired with utter historical significance.

With only 15 total Civil War Denarii graded at NGC, this coin is absolutely legendary.

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