Early Access to Major New Coin Releases

Early Access to Major New Coin Releases
Many important collector coins sellout in just of few minutes of their release. Here is a coin members of the public cannot even bid on!  We are always seeking the best and most exclusive collecting opportunities for our customers and guarantee them early access to major new releases.
These 2022 W Silver Eagle Proof coins are the very best of the best. They come from a small group, the absolute first to be released from the U.S. Mint ahead of them going on sale to the general public on April 14, 2022. These coins have the highly coveted Advance Release designation and are hand signed by the designer of the coin Emily S. Damstra. Her initials ESD are engraved on each coin. There is no better designation or more valuable signature on this coin! 
Most collected proof coin in the world
Rare Advance Release Certified – Very Limited
Damstra Signature – her initials ESD appear of the coin 
PCGS PR70 DCAM – Highest Grade
Key date – First full year of issue