Gold Hoard Coins

West Point Mint Gold Coin Hoard 
At the end of each year’s production, the U.S. Mint usually collects any of its unsold coins bearing the “W” mintmark, removes them from their packaging and melts them down. We say “usually” because in 2019 inside the West Point Mint's massive gold vaults some unsold gold coins were discovered. Rather than melt them, the Mint made a surprise move and sold them to a buyer in a private auction. The coins that escaped the melting pot, have been designated by the leading third party coins grading services as “U.S. MINT HOARD”, “WESTPOINT MINT HOARD” or “WESTPOINT PRIVATE AUCTION”. Any of these special designations gives the coins a desirable and rare provenance not seen since the famed Government Services Administration (GSA) Morgan Dollar hoard in 1972! These modern coin rarities bearing the hoard designation have lower NGC or PCGS than other coins.