Pre-1933 Gold Coins

The Coinage Act of 1792 authorized the production of gold eagle coins in the USA. The Act mandated the weight and purity of three coins, one eagle ($10), half eagle ($5), and the quarter eagle ($2.50). The double eagle ($20), was first minted in 1849 during the California Gold Rush. Pre-1933 gold coins are any legal tender gold coins made before the year 1933, which marked the end of circulating gold coinage in the U.S. Coins minted between 1849 and 1907 featured a Liberty head design. This series was replaced in 1907 by an Indian head design. Classic pre-1933 gold pieces have been produced with face values of $1, $2.5, $3, $4 Stella (1879-1880), $5, $10 & $20.