Key Dates

Key dates refers to coins in a series that are particularly noteworthy. Factors that contribute to making a coin a key date or semi-key date is being the first and last coins issued in a series, dates that have the lowest mintages, coins with special date and mintmark combinations, coins with special strikes, finishes, treatments, mint errors or are commemorative issues. Most collectors have their key date coins authenticated, graded and certified by one of the three major coin grading services, PCGS, NGC and ANACS. Graded key date coins are known as date and condition rarities. These Key date coins are usually the most valuable, often the rarest and hardest to find. They tend to have higher price appreciation than their common-date counterparts.
The overall condition, the state of preservation and eye appeal can turn a seemingly common coin into a key date. In classic coins issued before 1933, survival rate can make a coin a key date. Many millions of common date coins with large mintages have been melted down or otherwise destroyed over the years resulting in relatively few of them remaining for collectors to acquire.
10 Key Date Modern Issue Coins
1995 W Silver Eagle
1999 W $10 W/Unfinished dies
2000 W Library of Congress Bi-metallic  
2007 W $100 Statue of Liberty Platinum
2008 W reverse of 2007 Silver Eagle
2008 W $25 Gold Buffalo
2009 $20 High Relief
2011 P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle
2019 S Enhanced Reverse Silver Eagle
2021 T2 S Reverse Proof Silver Eagle
10 Key Date Classic coins
1795 $10 Draped Bust
1856 O $20 Liberty Head
1889 CC Morgan
1893 S Morgan
1895 O Morgan
1913 Liberty Head Nickel
1920 S $10 Indian
1927 D $20 Saint Gaudens
1927 S $20 Saint Gaudens
1930 S $20 Saint Gaudens

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