Peace Dollars

The Peace Dollar 1921-1935. was the last silver dollar struck for circulation in the United States. Approximately 187 million coins were produced and a complete date and mintmark set requires just 24 coins, as no coins were issued between 1929-1933. The revival of the Peace dollar design in 2021 for the 100th anniversary of the issuance of the 2021 coin, has revived interest in this series. Peace dollars were created to commemorate the restoration of peace following the conclusion of World War I. The obverse (Heads), design features a portrait of Liberty, wearing a radiate crown, with her hair lightly bound and several locks flowing in the wind. The inscription LIBERTY appears above, and the date appears below. An interesting feature is the motto IN GOD WE TRUST is spelled TRVST, the designer Anthony De Francisci used the Latin spelling and used a “V” in lieu of a “U” as there was no “U” in the earliest alphabet. The Reverse design depicts an eagle perched on a rock, an olive branch is clasped in the eagle’s talons and rays of sunlight emanate from the lower right. The first Peace dollars struck in 1921 a key date in the series were struck in high relief, but was shown to be impractical for a circulating coin, so the relief was lowered for the remaining years of the series.
· Designed by Anthony de Francisci
· The model for the Goddess Liberty was the designer’s wife, Teresa de Francisci
· Production stopped after 1928 and resumed in 1934 and 1935
· Re-authorized in 1964, but not released, all coins struck in 1964 were melted down
· 100th anniversary high relief coin released in 2021 only 200,000 minted