Lowest Mintage Palladium Eagle! Only 7,500 Coins!

Lowest Mintage Palladium Eagle!
Only 7,500 Coins!

This is the First Ever “Advance Release” Certified Palladium Eagle
The new 2022 American Palladium Eagle has a shockingly low mintage of only 7,500 coins, the lowest mintage ever recorded for a Palladium coin! This stunning high relief reverse proof coin is also the first ever palladium coin available with the desirable “Advance Release” certification making this coin the most valuable and collectible in the series.
2017 mintage 15,000      2018 mintage 15,000      2019 mintage 30,000
2020 mintage 30,000      2021 mintage 12,000
2022 Mintage only 7,500 Absolute Rarity
NGC has certified this coin in perfect Reverse PF70 condition “Advance Release”, the most coveted label in modern coin collecting. This coin is also a signature series coin signed two
U.S. Mint Directors, Edmund C. Moy and David Ryder
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